Are You Sure Your Data is Protected?

As more Canadian companies adopt new internet technology services, such as cloud computing, cyber security is becoming even more important. Sadly, Canadian police are not able to provide businesses with the protection that they need against cyber crimes due to a lack of funding and man power. There are so many different types of cyber crime that it can be difficult for officials to decide where to set their focus. It is now in the best interest of businesses to do everything in their power to protect themselves against a cyber attack.

The most common form of cyber attack is espionage, which is commonly performed by attackers who are working on behalf of a competing company. In an online article written by Brian Bloom on February 24, 2012, he highlights the different types of espionage taking place. One of the examples that he provides is about a construction company that had gained remote access to their competitor’s computer. This allowed for them to see what prices they were quoting to customers so that they could under-bid them and obtain more customers.

Brian Bloom also breaks down the costs associated with training officers on cyber crime, which can range from $5,000 to $10,000 for just one course. However, this price does not include the price of the computers that they would need in order to perform cyber investigations, which cost $8,000 to $10,000 each. Once you learn the costs associated with training officers to investigate cyber crime, you can understand why there isn’t more support. With so many other crimes occurring, there isn’t much funding left to aid the fight against cyber attacks.

Having an understanding of the cyber security climate is very important for businesses because it builds their awareness. The unfortunate reality is that they are not fully protected by police officials if they are attacked. As a result, it is imperative that they invest in secure technology in order to protect themselves. Although many companies are aware of the different types of software that is available on the market, they may not be familiar with the protective services that are engineered and supplied by Internet Providers.

The point to point and point to multi-point radios used by TeraGo Networks are able to provide additional security against cyber crime because the signal is direct, unlike broadcast or WiFi. In order to intercept the signal, a person would need to be directly in front of the radio. Even then, proprietary encryption has been employed to all the data being transferred, which makes it difficult to decipher. Additionally, a Link ID, which is a unique serial number, is hard coded into each radio before they leave the warehouse. As a result, the radio can only be relocated by a TeraGo staff member.

 With so many companies using the internet to operate their business, it is vital that they have access to a secure connection. Cyber crime now comes in many forms and is continuing to grow. Since Canadian police departments do not have access to the requirements needed to effectively combat this rising issue, it is up to businesses to protect themselves. By investing in the right protective technology and transferring their sensitive data across a secure network, companies can avoid the possibility of a cyber attack.

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Images provided by Stuart Miles and David Castillo Dominici.

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