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TeraGo Networks Inc. is providing businesses with a facilities-based network that is completely independent from all other providers. This high capacity bandwidth connection gives businesses a predictable internet connection, which allows for businesses to remain productive throughout the day without experiencing slowdowns.

With most internet providers, peak period internet slowdowns can hinder the productivity of their business customers. This slowdown occurs when residential customers connect to the internet and engage in activities requiring high bandwidth, such as online gaming, music, and video downloading.  Consequently, important and time sensitive files that a business needs to upload or download through the internet take much longer to transfer at certain times throughout the day.

This is a direct result of a practice that other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) instigated called “Overbooking”. Overbooking occurs when an ISP has sold more bandwidth than what it makes available to its customers. The practice of sharing an internet connection with more and more customers seriously impacts business productivity and performance.

This issue has had such a huge effect on Canadian businesses that the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has stepped in to assist with the regulation of traffic management policies. Specifically, the CRTC has been investigating how Internet Providers assign priority to certain file types at any given point during the day.

Other ISP companies service millions of users at one time on a single network. However, TeraGo only makes its network available to businesses, so there are no residential customers slowing down the connection. Creating a network that is exclusive to businesses means that business users are not sharing the network with potentially millions of residential customers. TeraGo is driven to provide quality service to businesses instead of trying to meet the needs of a large spectrum of customers, unlike the other ISPs. Since TeraGo does not offer its service to residential customers, the type of congestion experienced by many other ISPs has been prevented.

 TeraGo Networks offers both a traditional burstable Internet as well as “dedicated” bandwidth. Having a dedicated bandwidth service means that the speed you sign up for is the speed that’s always available to you. With the dedicated service, your business is guaranteed to have a consistent Internet speed which allows for uninterrupted productivity.

Overall, a slow and ineffective internet connection can directly impact the revenue of a business. A sluggish internet connection prevents your company from competing with larger businesses and can limit growth opportunities. Since TeraGo Networks is specialized in serving businesses, and only businesses, they are best suited to meet the growing internet demands of Canada’s commercial market.

To find out more about how the TeraGo business-only high capacity bandwidth connection can improve your business productivity, click here.

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