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The adoption of new technologies by small and medium businesses is so important for their success, that even the Canadian government is supporting their implementation. On December 23, 2011, the Canadian government issued a press release outlining investment in their new Digital Economy Strategy.

The Digital Economy Strategy will be operating until March 31, 2014 as a means of increasing the productivity levels of small and medium sized businesses. By devoting financial support to the small and medium businesses of Canada, the government is contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy.

Not only are technical innovations important for businesses, but the government has also acknowledged the significance of technology by allocating funds to its adoption and use. If you are a business owner or operator, it is imperative that you take note of this trend. The use of technology by businesses is nothing new, but small and medium businesses don’t always have the funding to implement technological services. However, companies may not always account for the fact that their productivity levels may be hindered by the use of inferior technology.

The utilization of innovative technology ensures that small and medium companies are able to operate seamlessly by limiting slowdowns and interruptions. Having an internet connection provided by a network that is only available to businesses eliminates the slowdowns cause by sharing a connection with residential customers. The implementation of a redundant internet connection provides companies with peace of mind by ensuring that they always have internet access. If their primary connection is compromised, a redundant connection is able to take over and provide internet service until the primary link is restored.

These types of services are able to support business operations and provide them with the capability to maintain a consistent productivity level. This is important because a predictable productivity level allows for businesses to set standards and expectations. One of the goals of the Digital Economy Strategy is to improve the understanding of the link between digital technologies and productivity. TeraGo has previously acknowledged the importance of technological advances in 2010 by writing a paper in response to The Consultation Paper on a Digital Economy Strategy for Canada, which was presented by the Government of Canada. To review the document submitted by TeraGo, click here.

Small and medium businesses have been given a great opportunity to utilize innovative technologies through this government funded program. The fact that the Canadian government has an invested interest in the use of technology by small and medium business is an indicator of its importance. With the support of the government, and competitive pressure, it is more important than ever for small and medium businesses to take the necessary steps towards success.

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