Data Centers Canada Presents: Move Your Contact Centre into the Cloud

Data Centers Canada, a division of TeraGo Networks, recently posted an article on their blog site discussing the advantages of moving your business’s contact centre into the cloud. Below, we’ve provided a copy of the article:

Save Money and Improve Customer Service by Moving Your Contact Centre into the Cloud

Cloud computing is transforming the way we think about technology and communications, with new applications coming to light all the time. One of the most exciting – and one with a huge potential to save businesses a lot of money – is the ability to make your customer service contact centre cloud based.

How does a cloud contact centre work in conjunction with colocation at a Canadian data centre? In essence, it simply means that your calls are routed to Internet-connected workstations through a configurable software package. You control where the calls go, to whom, and what information is displayed to customer service representatives in real time. Because software is hosted online, and the calls are handled over the Internet through VOIP, your business gets bigger capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

With VOIP systems already standard in companies of all sizes, it’s no wonder that so many are turning to cloud platforms to lower costs and increase customer service effectiveness. It’s a classic win-win scenario, and one that virtually any organization can take advantage of.

To help illustrate the reasons why, here are seven big advantages you enjoy when you move your contact centre into the cloud:

1. You eliminate customer service hardware costs. One of the tremendous advantages you gain with any cloud computing platform is the freedom to do away with expensive and unreliable on-site hardware. The savings are especially important when you’re talking about servers, telephone switchboards, and other pieces of technology traditionally needed for customer service. By embracing colocation with a Canadian data centre, you can eliminate fixed investments and take advantage of less expensive monthly agreements.

2. More customer service capabilities. While a lot of businesses are limited to simply engaging customers over the phone, cloud contact centres can allow users to participate in real-time chat sessions and, in some situations, even screen-sharing sessions. That means your representatives can diagnose problems and assist buyers more quickly than ever before.

3. Better customer service call routing. Cloud contact centres work through infinitely customizable software packages. So, you can decide whether to offer menu prompts to callers, where to route incoming calls, and even whether to split them between different locations, departments, or priorities. With this increased control, businesses can deal with their most important inquiries first, and help customers to find the contact or information they’re looking for faster.

4. Real-time customer information. One of the greatest things about cloud computing platforms is that they work in real time, so software can be updated for all users in an instant. Since that includes databases, your customer service team can have the account-specific information they need, continuously updated and ready at a moment’s notice. That allows them to see what happened during previous interactions, view the details of orders, and check things like shipping without any delay.

5. Customer service scalability. When your cloud customer service system is set up using colocation at a Canadian data centre, you always have the option of expanding your operations quickly – and without investing in new call centre locations or buying expensive telecommunications equipment. Simply make a change in your account, based on your current or forecasted future needs, and your usage settings can be adjusted overnight.

6. Better data security. Colocation is a great way to make all of your technology safer, with encrypted connections, automated backups, and secure facilities that are monitored around the clock. That’s especially important when it comes to customer service, since you don’t want buyer information and order details being seen by unauthorized third parties. With the right Canadian data centre, you won’t have to worry about where your data is being stored, or where it might be going when you aren’t looking.

7. Less customer service downtime. Because cloud computing and colocation systems are notably more reliable than traditional in-office telecommunications packages, your customer service team spends less time offline. That means a more consistent experience for buyers, higher customer retention rates, and a better reputation in your industry.

A lot of businesses are just finding out about colocation contact centres for the first time, but they are quickly learning that there is a lot to love about handling incoming calls in the cloud. Is it time you looked into a better way to keep buyers happy and save money all at the same time?

To learn more about data centre technologies and trends, check out the Data Centers Canada blog by clicking here.

TeraGo Networks Attends TechBrew in Vancouver

On January 29th, TeraGo Networks joined more than 170 tech professionals at TechBrew, one of BCTIA’s most popular events, to check out new technologies and discuss 2014 trends. BCTIA (BC Technology Industry Association) is a not-for-profit organization that supports the development, growth, and advancement of technology companies located in British Columbia. Gathered in the Stanley Park Pavilion, TechBrew attendees interacted with the coolest new technologies and conversed with cutting-edge innovators and influential decision-makers.

Photo credit: Kim Stallknecht Photography and BCTIA

Photo credit: Kim Stallknecht Photography and BCTIA

We had the honor of presenting during the event, which gave our representatives the opportunity to provide attendees with information on the technologies we employ and the types of services we offer. Networking with tech professionals, colleagues, and customers allows for us to provide support to the industry where we can, offer connections to our services, and recognize industry trends.

After speaking with several attendees, it became clear that data centres – and the availability of data centre facilities – was the hot topic of the night. The increased use of data centres and colocation facilities across the globe has not gone unnoticed by IT professionals and businesses in BC. With cloud computing at an estimated worth of $200 billion globally by 2016, companies are eager to secure the space they need to utilize the cloud.

Additionally, many companies are specifically looking for data centres in the lower mainland of BC. In a recent article, IBM stated that they believe Kelowna is the best place to build a data centre in North America because it’s far from earthquake and flood zones and close to cheap power sources. The city is also just a short distance from Vancouver and the US border, bringing any US based companies that are looking to avoid the National Security Administration (NSA) up to Canada. The recent practices of the NSA has cast doubt on the security of data centres located in the United States, compelling businesses to look elsewhere for data centre and colocation facilities.

Discussing this growing data centre trend  with TechBrew attendees gave us some great insights on the resources needed for businesses to effectively utilize the technology. Not only do companies need to find space within a data centre or colocation facility, but they need to acquire a secure, symmetrical connection in order truly benefit. Without a reliable and safe connection, companies will not be able to protect the data they send to and from the data centre. And if the connection isn’t symmetrical, companies will not be able to upload as fast as they download, which results in lower productivity levels. To learn more about data centre services, click here.

We look forward to attending many more BCTIA events!

Blog Author: Vanessa Hartung

IPv6 Inquiries

Recently, after reviewing our post Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Adopt IPv6, one of our readers posted an excellent question regarding the implementation of IPv6. As a review, our Top 5 reasons to implement IPv6 are;

  1. Avoid Website Disruption: Companies who do not initiate the transition to IPv6 soon may risk accessibility problems.
  2. Prevent an Increase in Costs: If your business hasn’t planned for the transition to IPv6, it can end up costing more. Companies who do not adopt IPv6 early on will be forced to spend more money in order to deal with the scarcity of IPv4 addresses. These costs can include the implementation of      workarounds, the purchase of network gear, or attempting to purchase the few remaining IPv4 addresses.
  3. Business Growth: Certain parts of the world have already run out of new IPv4 addresses, which can be problematic if your company conducts business globally.
  4. Maintain a Competitive Edge: Many businesses have been prepared for IPv6 for quite some time now, and several other businesses have already begun to make the transition. In order to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, businesses need to be sure they are on the forefront to      technology.
  5. Maintain Business Continuity: IPv6 has been in development for over 20 years and it is now ready to be launched for broad adoption and permanent enablement. More than 1,500 companies, including websites, ISPs and router vendors, have committed to make IPv6 permanently “on by default” for their products and services.

Our reader asked:

“For a company that has a very good IPv4 address plan, reasons 1 to 4 are important only to external servers. In the future, reason 5 will be a problem for companies that don’t migrate to IPv6 (possible problem with software that will need a specific characteristic of IPv6). How can I show the CEO that it’s important to adopt IPv6 inside the company immediately?”

“Adopting IPv6 internally is just as crucial as enabling it for your externally facing servers”, replies Jose Robles, Network Technology Specialist for TeraGo Networks. “There are two main reasons for adopting IPv6. One of the main reasons is the fact that, internally, you are typically working on customized applications or hardware that will likely involve longer development time to ensure IPv6 compatibility. It’s not unheard of that a particular software application will never have IPv6 support, hence requiring the decision to be made on whether to migrate to a newer version or an entirely new application”.

“Full end to end connectivity is the second reason to upgrade your internal network,” continues Robles.  “IPv6 addresses are rendered useless if they can’t be utilized on the end devices that they were meant for. True end to end testing will help IT departments in determining any problematic issues that need to be resolved”.

“If none of this is taken in to account, then the only solution for that organization would be to traverse over some NAT46 setup, which is not a desirable option”, states Robles.

If you have a question about any of our posts, we invite you to email us at or post your question in the comment section of our blog.

Blog posted by Vanessa Hartung.

TeraGo Networks Attends iTech Summit

This year, TeraGo Networks was pleased to participate as a sponsor as well as an exhibitor in the 2012 iTech Summit, which is Canada’s largest conference dedicated to IT infrastructure technology, services, and education. This was a great opportunity for us to speak with IT Professionals about the concerns, pain points and opportunities they face in their business today.  This type of ongoing dialogue helps us to ensure that the products and services we offer are always meeting the needs of the marketplace.  We were also able to network with other professionals and discuss the latest technological innovations.

Members of our account executive team were present at the show to provide attendees and other show vendors with information specific to TeraGo Networks. Meeting with prospects in person is one of the best ways to assess their current needs and determine which one of our services can best contribute to the success of their business.  Introducing ourselves to fellow vendors is a great way to build partnerships and provide our customers with innovative technologies. Below is a short video of our visit to the Toronto based iTech Summit trade show on May 17, 2012.

In late October, we will also be attending the iTech Summit trade shows being held in Western Canada. Participating in multiple shows across the country also provides us with the opportunity to discuss the specific needs and requirements that are explicit to each individual region. If you missed us in Montreal and Toronto, then be sure to visit us at the Edmonton or Vancouver iTech Summit trade shows.

For event details, please visit the iTech website by clicking here.

To obtain more information about how TeraGo Networks can help your business, please click here. We look forward to meeting you at the next trade show!

50 Most Engaged Workplaces Gala

The dawn of the New Year gives us time to reflect on what we have learned and achieved in 2011. This has been an exciting 365 days for us at TeraGo Networks. We love to engage our employees and build connections with our communities, which made every day a great day to be a member of Team TeraGo in 2011! We never have a dull moment in our offices and that’s because of our awesome employees!

In the past year, our efforts to be a great employer were recognized as TeraGo was named as one of Canada’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces by Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards). In November, 2011 some of our employees were invited to attend the awards gala which took place in Toronto, Canada. It was a red carpet gala that brought together representatives from all 50 Most Engaged Workplaces, which made for a great night of celebration and recognition.  Check out some awesome pictures from the event below!

At TeraGo, we are extremely proud of this achievement as Achiever’s holds its award winners to a high standard in eight important categories including leadership, communication, culture, award and recognitions programs, personal and professional growth of company employees, accountability and performance, vision and values and corporate responsibility. Needless to say we’re ecstatic that we have obtained this fantastic achievement. We look forward to working hard this year as to surpass what we have already done.

We believe in communication and interaction with all members of the office. Our leaders set an example for our employees. They show them to be hard-working, dedicated and connected. They put forth a great effort to engage directly with employees, from our open door policy which encourages communication and interactivity, to specific programs, like our Breakfast with Executives, which encourage employees to get to know their leadership team and each other. We believe in letting people in rather than pushing people out. By doing so, we have healthy interactions and good relationships with our staff at all levels.

Take a look at some of the unique and innovative ways we engage our fabulous employees!

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