Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Adopt IPv6

In the previous blog, TeraGo Networks Presents: What is IPv6?, we described what IPv6 is and why so many industry professionals have been buzzing about it. IPv6 is contributing to the continued growth of the internet by allowing many more devices and users to connect online. It has become a lifeline for many businesses, allowing them to communicate with their target audience as well as each other.

Since the Internet has become such a vital tool for businesses, it is important that companies embrace the migration to IPv6. However, there are multiple reasons why the deployment of IPv6 is critical for overall business success.

  1. Avoid Website Disruption: Companies who do not initiate the transition to IPv6 soon may risk accessibility problems. By preparing for the day when IPv4 addresses will inevitably run out, businesses can operate with peace of mind that the extinction of IPv4 will not impact their business.
  2. Prevent an Increase in Costs: If your business hasn’t planned for the transition to IPv6, it can end up costing more. Companies who do not adopt IPv6 early on will be forced to spend more money in order to deal with the scarcity of IPv4 addresses. These costs can include the implementation of workarounds, the purchase of network gear, or attempting to purchase the few remaining IPv4 addresses.
  3. Business Growth: Certain parts of the world have already run out of new IPv4 addresses, which can be problematic if your company conducts business globally. This means that the use of IPv6 will soon become mandatory for companies who are looking to reach customers located in international markets.  However, as IPv4 addresses become exhausted throughout the globe, businesses will need to implement IPv6 technologies in order to reach any market.
  4. Maintain a Competitive Edge: Many businesses have been prepared for IPv6 for quite some time now, and several other businesses have already begun to make the transition. In order to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, businesses need to be sure they are on the forefront to technology. Especially when it comes to the way in which customers view and connect with your business on the Internet.
  5.  Maintain Business Continuity: IPv6 has been in development for over 20 years and it is now ready to be launched for broad adoption and permanent enablement. More than 1,500 companies, including websites, ISPs and router vendors, have committed to make IPv6 permanently “on by default” for their products and services. This means that your company will be impacted by this transition, one way or another. In order to maintain a seamless user experience, for both employees and customers, businesses need to adopt IPv6. As more and more users make the transition, the change over to IPv6 will become inevitable.

As listed above, businesses that continue to depend on IPv4 as their primary address are at risk of encountering several business challenges. This can include increased costs, limited website functionality, and the inability to penetrate emerging markets. The only long-term solution for businesses is the implementation of IPv6, which provides a vast amount of addresses.  Companies who have no plan to adopt IPv6 in the near future can expect a difficult road ahead as more and more users transition to IPv6.

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  1. What about ISPs too? There are ISPs that claim that they don’t need to deploy IPv6 since they have plenty of IPv4 space.


    • Ross Chandler says:

      ISPs that haven’t yet exhausted their IPv4 space risk having greater connectivity restrictions to web sites and end-users that are dual-stacking.

      For example, mobile operators, where NAT44 is already widely deployed since they came late to the IPv4 allocation party, will start deploying dual-stack or perhaps single-stack IPv6 with NAT64/DNS64. They’ll be keen to get most user traffic onto IPv6 to reduce the xlate tables and traffic load on their NAT boxes. That is going to be helped greatly by the major content providers and CDNs being dual-stacked by the time they turn on their IPv6 access services.

  2. Correct. Plus any ISP that says they have plenty of IPv4 space are only thinking in the present. That IPv4 space will in fact be exhausted. It’s only a matter of time. Plus, if you have no IPv6 plans for that day, how will you expect to continue to grow the business?

  3. This really wowed..

  4. Do these things apply only in Canada OR do they apply all around the world?


    • This applies all around the world. In some parts of the world, businesses have already been using IPv6 for quite some time because their IPv4 resources were exhausted a long time ago. I recommend that you watch one of our IPv6 videos to gain a better understanding of what regions are impacted, and when.


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