50 Most Engaged Workplaces Gala

The dawn of the New Year gives us time to reflect on what we have learned and achieved in 2011. This has been an exciting 365 days for us at TeraGo Networks. We love to engage our employees and build connections with our communities, which made every day a great day to be a member of Team TeraGo in 2011! We never have a dull moment in our offices and that’s because of our awesome employees!

In the past year, our efforts to be a great employer were recognized as TeraGo was named as one of Canada’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces by Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards). In November, 2011 some of our employees were invited to attend the awards gala which took place in Toronto, Canada. It was a red carpet gala that brought together representatives from all 50 Most Engaged Workplaces, which made for a great night of celebration and recognition.  Check out some awesome pictures from the event below!

At TeraGo, we are extremely proud of this achievement as Achiever’s holds its award winners to a high standard in eight important categories including leadership, communication, culture, award and recognitions programs, personal and professional growth of company employees, accountability and performance, vision and values and corporate responsibility. Needless to say we’re ecstatic that we have obtained this fantastic achievement. We look forward to working hard this year as to surpass what we have already done.

We believe in communication and interaction with all members of the office. Our leaders set an example for our employees. They show them to be hard-working, dedicated and connected. They put forth a great effort to engage directly with employees, from our open door policy which encourages communication and interactivity, to specific programs, like our Breakfast with Executives, which encourage employees to get to know their leadership team and each other. We believe in letting people in rather than pushing people out. By doing so, we have healthy interactions and good relationships with our staff at all levels.

Take a look at some of the unique and innovative ways we engage our fabulous employees!

At TeraGo we believe in keeping people in the loop. Communicating with our staff at all levels gives us an unbeatable edge. We are actively adding to our internal social media application (Yammer), putting on many social events in the office, and we even have in-office town halls! We believe even a casual conversation in passing is communicating and we encourage it. We think that employees who know one another can approach each other more openly and therefore, there are fewer gaps in information flow! Current in office events include the Biggest Loser TeraGo Edition, our Annual National Sales Kick-Off (more on that soon) and our office Holiday Party (which included a mechanical bull, we kid you not)!

Speaking of events and culture, at TeraGo we have a dynamic and friendly environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect at all times. We also encourage our employees to build community and friendships through lunches, meetings and activities. We foster a relaxed environment filled with understanding and coaching which helps our employees meet their greatest potential. Our culture is deeply rooted in strong team building practices. Employees that work well together stay together.

At TeraGo we love to reward our employees for a job well done. Even just a shout out from one employee to another is enough to make someone feel appreciated. Our Cheers for Peers program does just that, but with a little something on the side! We want our employees to know how awesome they are whenever we can and hopefully we do! We are now also rolling out a new rewards program for our employees called EDGE. EDGE stands for Enhance Delivery of service, drive business Growth and improve Customer Experience. Employees are nominated monthly and receive an award plaque and company wide recognition. Furthermore, every quarter the winners get a celebratory lunch with the CEO! How exciting is that? Just another way we are connecting and moving forward with our valuable employees.

Corporate Responsibility is important for any company, but here at TeraGo we try to exceed expectations. TeraGo is a member of Think Green Alliance, a borderless business community committed to providing and promoting environmentally-friendly and sustainable services, products and goods. TeraGo works hard to provide the best service to the community and enriching the places that we live. Furthermore, members of our team have engaged in park clean ups and this Christmas we had a ‘Be a Santa to a Senior’ program. We love to go the extra mile to lend a hand with everyone.

As you can see, we are a busy bunch and most importantly, a happy bunch. We treat our employees the way they deserve to be treated. And we get back what we give. Work-life balance is important and we understand that. We are looking forward to an exciting New Year and we wish the best 2012 to you!

See you soon and take a look at how we celebrated our win at the ‘Achiever’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces’ gala event below! We think they’re smiles say everything!


  1. Sounds like you have all had a great time. Best of luck in the coming year, you’re company seems to have the right idea going on.

  2. This all such awesome stuff from you guys! Way to go TeraGo! Great pictures too!

  3. metronomy says:

    I like the direction this blog is headed.

  4. Interested. says:

    I am really liking learning about your company so far! Look forward to the next post and great pictures!

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